Partner Yoga – Feb 1st

Friday, February 1st – 7:00pm – 9:00pm
No yoga experience necessary

Come and enjoy the unique experience of connection, communication, and cooperation as you gently stretch through some basic yoga poses with a partner. Bring your spouse, partner, a family member, or a friend. We will be taking the challenge and work out of the practice to focus on the experience of healing touch adjustments and union.

In this session, we will increase range of motion, restore health to our joints, and share the joy of movement as we find openness.

Beverages, friendship, and revealing conversation to follow.

For more Information download the Partner Yoga Flier or contact Donna Mosca, RYT at  262.758.0658 or Email:

Please Pre-register for this event by using the Paypal link below or by mailing a check to: Peace Tree Yoga @ CATHE 125 East State State Burlington, WI 53105

Cost: $30.00 per couple.  

Intro to Yamas and Niyamas

Monday Jan. 14th / 7:30-8:30pm / $15

Exploring the yogic code of ethics.

The yamas and niyamas are yoga’s ethical guidelines laid out in the first two limbs of Patanjali’s eightfold path. They’re like a map written to guide you on your life’s journey. Simply put, the yamas are things not to do, or restraints, while the niyamas are things to do, or observances. Together, they form a moral code of conduct. We will be considering questions such as, how does Ahimsa, ‘Non-Violence’, help us to cultivate an attitude of compassion? What does Satya, ‘Truthfulness’, mean in our practice? How can we rest in Santosha, ‘Contentment’, and still encourage ourselves to strive towards our dreams and goals? Is Tapas, ‘Discipline’, really as scary as it sounds – or are we already practicing this without realizing? Let’s explore these concepts and discover how they can be used like a personal GPS!

Please PRE-REGISTER below or in the studio. For more information call Donna at 262.758.0658


Let us commemorate the transition into 2019 with a heart-centered focus and transformational yoga practice that welcomes a magnificent New Year!

Please join us for this journey to celebrate the blessings that are already with us and those that are are about to unfold. We will pause to look into our center, tap into grace and gaze forward into the infinite potential of 2019. Let’s leave behind all that keeps us from our true purpose, passion and JOY in life. Using our concentrated awareness and playful attitude, we will practice as a way to set our intentions (sankalpa) for 2019. Let’s aim high and true so that we may offer our gifts to the world and move towards our Dharma (true purpose).

Cost: pre-registration holds your spot. $15.00

Karma Yoga with Rachel Juergens

Rachel Juergens will be offering 8 sessions of Karma Yoga, at Peace Tree Yoga, to fulfill her Level 1 Certificate requirements beginning Monday, November 26th.

Sessions will be held from 11:00am – 12:00pm on

  • Monday, November 26th, December 3, 10 and 17th
  • Friday, November 30, December 7 and 14th
  • and Wednesday December 12th.

There is no charge for these sessions.

Please support Rachel in her journey to become the best yoga instructor possible.

Agni Sara with Luke Ketterhagen

Presented by Luke Ketterhagen

Tuesday, December 4, 2018  7:00pm
Inspiration, creativity, and passion for life are manifestations of your inner fire. In regards to your health, an increase in this fire or agni improves digestion, elimination, reproductive functions and tones internal organs. Learn to stoke your inner fire and lay the foundation for other yogic practices that massage and cleanse internal organs and help prevent disease. The yoga masters say that if you are able to do only one practice every day, make it agni sara. Ignite your inner fire for a long and abundant life!

Please pre-register below or at the studio


Kirtan with the Bhakti Caravan

Saturday October 20, 7-9pm
At the CATHE House of Healing
101 Edward St, Burlington, WI 53105
Join THE BHAKTI CARAVAN band for a Saturday evening of musical meditation, kirtan and connection. Enjoy soothing voices, beautiful chants and meditative mantras while
experiencing music infused meditation. All are welcome, new friends and old. Join us for a dive into deep peace and joy. We will chant, groove, meditate, chant some more… dance, laugh, love, sip on some tea, even learn some Sanskrit.
$10-15 donation requested. Mark your calendar and bring a friend.
Your RSVP is appreciated so we can make room for you
Call Sarah at 262-745-8362

Ayurveda 101 with Dr. Swati Mhaske

Sunday, Oct. 7th, 1-3pm

Dr Swati will begin by introducing the ancient wisdom contained in the oldest form of  medicine in the world. Learn the basic concepts regarding a yogic and ayurvedic system of wellness. We will learn about our constitution or dosha, and the characteristics associated with each. We will address some of the imbalances of each dosha and how our health is impacted by these imbalances. Diet, digestion, and lifestyle habits will also be addressed in the context of returning one back into a life of harmony and ease.

Swati is an Ayurveda Physician with a Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery from India and also holds a Masters in Pharmaceutical Medicine from India. She is the founder at HemaVeda- An Ayurvedic healing for a happy and healthy life. Currently, Swati practices Ayurveda and Panchakarma at Crystal Lake Illinois, USA.

Please pre-register for this event.

Cost: $30.00/person

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Break Week, Fall Registration and Body Thrive

Good Morning…. Fall is upon us.

This upcoming week is Break Week at Peace Tree Yoga. We will have limited classes following the schedule listed below.

  • Tuesday, September 4th – Noon – Gentle
  • Wednesday, September 5th – 6:00pm – Mixed Level
  • Thursday, September 6th – 9:00am – Mixed Level
  • And…. We welcome back Community Cause Yoga on Saturday, September 8th at 8:30am.

Fall Registration is still in process. The pre-registration period has expired and payment in full is now required. Please register at Yoga Class Registration.

NEW this Fall is the Body Thrive Book Club.  This will be held on Monday evenings at 7:15pm or Tuesday mornings at 10:15am.  Materials are included in the registration fee. Please register to secure your materials.   Body Thrive

Body Thrive Book Club – 10 Ayurveda Habits to Change Your Life.

Body Thrive Book Club

The habits we choose over time create our day to day wellness and influence how we age. BODY THRIVE walks you through 10 habit changes in 10 weeks, all based on Ayurveda, Yoga and behavior science. Take up the 10 habits and you will generate a body that is strong and at ease, a mind that is clear and sharp, healthier relationships, and an unmistakable connection to spirit. We will form a posse and commit to supporting each other as we work though gaining valuable wisdom and making the shift to informed, intended actions. We will meet Mondays @ 7:15pm OR Tuesdays at 10:15am. The investment is $75 for 10 weeks of support, ayurveda education and encouragement. Your fee includes the book, a workbook, and several handouts to guide us on our way.

10 week session beginning Monday/Tuesday, September, 10th/11th

For more information contact Donna at /262.758.0658

Or Register Now (fee includes $3.00 processing fee)