A Day at the Crystal Cafe

Sunday, June 30th
9:00am – 5:00pm

Peace Tree Yoga presents a day of learning about and connection to the healing properties of crystals. Whether you are curious or in the know, join certified crystal healers, Donna Mosca and special guest, Karen Zander for:

  • a day of understanding the true science behind crystals
  • how to use them for your own healing and life enhancement
  • enjoying a chakra balancing yoga practice and a crystal meditation
  • create a wrist mala with gemstones to assist you on your journey and
  • and optional visit to the Crystal Gardens Rock Shop at 4:30pm.

Crystal Cafe Menu Options

Full day and half day sessions include:
a healing power of crystals welcome pkg
complimentary hot tea
entry into our door prize give away


Full day and half day sessions include:
Meditation – 11:30am
Vegetarian lunch /Soup, salad and bread – 12:00pm
Crystal ID – 12:00pm
(please provide receipt of registration as ticket to lunch)

  • Crash Course in Crystals 9:30am ~ Welcome to the magical world of crystals! Have you always been curious about gemstones and how they work? How can they benefit and guide us towards a more balanced way of life? In this lecture, we will share the history, properties, and attributes of these magnificent treasures from the earth.
  • Chakras 101 10:30am ~ What animates our physical body and governs how we move through the world? Our central programming agency, the chakra system, or energetic nervous system does. In this lecture we will begin to recognize how issues we are having in our lives regarding survival, sex, self esteem, love, communication, our vision, and spirit, may be due to a blocked flow of energy. Just as highways have traffic moving in both directions, we too have information from the outer world flowing in, and from the inner world expressing out. If there is a traffic jam in one of our energy centers, there may be a distorted way in which we receive, assimilate, and transmute information. Once we understand the areas of our lives that chakras govern, we can incorporate daily practices that assist us in opening into an optimal flow of energy.
  • Chakra Balancing Yoga 10:30am ~ Practicing yoga naturally opens our energy centers and may explain why we feel SO AMAZING after a practice. In this class, we will explore how different, postures, affirmations and crystals help us to focus on specific chakras that govern certain aspects of our lives. This allows us to experience less difficulty and more ease in our lives.
  • Crystal Meditation 11:30am ~ A short guided meditation with a crystal, allowing you to sense a shift in the way you feel. Getting to know your crystal takes time, awareness. and tapping in on your intuition (yes, we all have it 🙂
  • Crystal Rituals 1:00pm ~ Creating rituals around crystal work is very personal and can make the experience even more powerful and dynamic. Ritualizing also increases mindfulness and is a wonderful self-care practice that enhances our overall vitality. Join us to empower your self-healing journey! We explore 6 simple ways to start incorporating beautiful gemstones into our everyday lives.
  • Crystal Grids 2:00pm ~ In our Crystal Grids workshop you will learn how to make a grid incorporating sacred geometry. Crystal grids are a beautiful way to use our creative energy to manifest. Discover which crystals to use and where you should place them in your grid, depending on your desired outcome. We will be connecting to the importance of intention (sankalpa) and how to activate your grid in a way that feels meaningful and powerful to you.
  • Mala Making 3:00pm ~ Mala beads have traditionally been used in many religions and in yoga and meditation practices. Enjoy creating a wrist mala or intentional piece of jewelry that will assist you on your personal journey. Choose genuine crystal beads that have meaning and purpose or choose for their beauty. We will touch on how to use your wrist mala for mediation or as a simple centering device.


Crystal Garden Rock Shop 4:00pm
Field trip to Crystal Garden Rock Shop! Leaving at approximately 4:15pm


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Full Day $100.00
Includes all menu items listed above choosing 1 selection for the 10:30 session of Chakras 101 or Chakra Balancing Yoga and Optional Field Trip to the Garden Rock Shop

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Morning Session – $50.00
Includes: Opening Ceremony, Crash Course in Crystals, Chakras 101 or Chakra Balancing Yoga, Crystal Meditation and Lunch and Crystal ID. Option Field Trip to the Garden Rock Shop

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Afternoon Session – $65.00
Includes: Crystal Meditation, Lunch and Crystal ID, Crystal Rituals, Crystal Grids, Mala Making. Optional Field Trip to the Garden Rock Shop

Ala’Carte – $25/session
Select the individual classes that you would like to attend.
Fee includes class only.

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Event will be held at the Peace Tree Yoga Studio, 125 E State St., Burlington WI