Class Descriptions

Gentle A more soft and yielding practice that enables every BODY to enjoy and experience the joys of yoga. Gently open aching joints, release tension, increase muscular strength, improve balance and overall wellness. Perfect for seniors, those dealing with physical limitations, recovering from illness or people simply seeking to increase physical activity.

Groove (Mixed Level) Move casually into your weekend and practice Hatha yoga in this free style, mixed level class. Groove to popular tunes while growing strong and balanced.

Hot Yoga Different that Bikram! Detoxify inside and out with this flowing yoga practice that takes place in a warmer room (3rd floor space). We’ll get the energy moving and discover the power existing within….physically and mentally. Some previous experience with yoga is recommended. Please don’t forget your water and small towel.

Kids 1: (1st-3rd grades) Kids learn control and awareness of body and movement. Kids participate in cooperative learning games and activities that develop positive social interaction, and kinesthetic intelligence and awareness. We foster positive self image and body awareness.

Kids 2: (4th-6th grades) Kids learn control of mind and body while having fun. Kids participate in mindful movement, breathing activities, and sharing circles. Activities develop character, athleticism, creativity, and emotional balance. Students improve self image and body awareness.

Level 1 Increase strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. Hatha yoga links poses together and promotes control of mind and body. Level 1 is a class of gentle flow and stretch introducing you to 30 basic yoga poses.

Level 2 Vinyasa style. Flow through the sequence of poses and hold asanas longer. Build strength and increase cardiovascular fitness. This class is designed for students who have experienced Level 1 and are looking for more sensation, inner awareness, and strength building.

Mixed Level Flow Develop the mind, breath and body as you flow through a basic Hatha yoga sequence. Strengthen your body, calm your mind as you enjoy either more or less work, honoring where you are at physically. Modifications are given for all levels. 40 basic poses.

Partner Yoga Come and enjoy the unique experience of connection, communication, and cooperation as you gently stretch through some basic yoga poses with a partner. Bring your spouse, partner, a family member, or a friend. We will be taking the challenge and work out of the practice to focus on the experience of healing touch, adjustments, and union.

Prenatal Yoga For mothers-to-be yoga is and ideal way to prepare for special event of labor and birth. It promotes fitness, flexibility, tones the muscles of the pelvic floor, increases circulation, inspires breath control, develops a stronger connection to baby, and establishes balance for the mind, body, and spirit.

A healthy, flexible body and calm, clear mind are tools that you will want to be able to call upon during labor and birth. Being in this strong yet relaxed place will allow labor to progress and flow naturally and smoothly.

Strong flow
Build strength and endurance with this dynamic vinyasa practice. It is a fact that we loose 15-20% of our muscle mass as we age even if we stay active. Using our own body weight (and other props) to build muscle mass and to increase our stamina is the focus of this practice. Strong flow will include sun salutations and plenty of opportunities to assist us in becoming an individual of character and strength.