Yoga Class Registration

Welcome to your Peace Tree Yoga November monthly membership!

Option #1 ~ not ready to return (please let us know via email how you would like to receive your virtual membership, FB or YouTube)

  • For some time, there will continue to be the option to register for monthly membership and have access to a FB live page with UNLIMITED access to all classes.  You will be joining practice with those who are attending class in-person in the studio.
  • YouTube vides sent once or twice a week for our non-Facebook friends.

Option #2 ~ ready for a gentle return (it is mandatory to inform us via email which day/time you are reserving space in)

Class size limited to 9 (this gives more than 6′ feet between all practitioners). It is mandatory to inform us of the class day/time when you pre-register. Once a class is full, we will close that class. If necessary, we will ADD AN ADDITIONAL CLASS immediately before/after the full class. If you are sending a check, please also send a note informing us what class day/time you are claiming your space in (or how you would like to receive your classes if staying at home, FB or YouTube). This will be a first come, first serve process and I promise to support all and do my best with this new process.

When attending yoga at Peace Tree, please adhere to these measures so that we are sure to honor each other!


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Printable copy of the schedule: November 2020 Sessions

Class Schedule for the Month of November
Day of Week Time Style
Sunday 9:30am Mixed Flow
Monday 9:00am Mixed Flow
  6:00pm Mixed Flow
  7:15pm Meditation
Tuesday 9:00am Mixed Flow
  10:15am Yoga Pilates
  12:00pm Gentle
Wednesday 9:00am Gentle/Mixed Flow
  5:30pm Mixed Flow
  6:45pm Strong Flow
Thursday 9:00am Mixed Flow
12:00pm Gentle
Friday 9:00am Mixed Flow
Saturday 9:30am Mixed Flow

Monthly Class Fees

Please select the option that best fits your schedule. Once registered, you can makeup missed classes by attending another day during the month.  Payment can be made via cash, check-payable to Peace Tree Yoga or  with credit card/Paypal listed below.


Package Monthly Membership Fee
Individual-1 Class/Wk $45.00

Couples -1 Class/Wk $70.00

Individual – 2 Classes/Wk $75.00

Individual Unlimited $100.00

Couples Unlimited $150.00

Annual Membership Fee
1 Class per week $440.00

2 Classes per week $765.00

Unlimited $1050.00

Private/Hr $65.00

*Fees above includes a service fee per package
If mailing payment, please send to:
Peace Tree Yoga at the CATHE Center
125 East State Street
Burlington WI 53105


Yoga measures at Peace Tree in November 2020

  • There will be outlined spaces on the studio floor where you will place your mat to assure that other yogis do not become overly friendly 🙂
  • You are encouraged to bring your own mat/ props. if you use ours, strict cleaning measures are in place. Although we have plenty of hand sanitizer, we are having challenges finding germ killing mat wipes.
  • No sign in book. Teachers will have a list of who is in their class. If you need to make up a class, there will be options to receive a class virtually. This will only encourage us not to miss our practice!
  • To keep airborne germs to a minimum, all pranayama (breathing practices) will be subtle and through the nose only. Many of the powerful kriya practices use a forceful exhale with mouth open. We will be omitting those practices, despite their benefits, for the time being.
  • Surfaces will be sanitized with disinfected (doorknobs, hand railings, and commonly touched areas) after EVERY SINGLE CLASS. All teachers are on board and committed.
  • We all know the general protocol that is everywhere right now. If sick stay home, if coughing stay home, and if you need to sneeze, sneeze in the crease of your elbow.