Day of Week Time Style
Sunday 9:30am Mixed Flow
Monday 9:00am Mixed Flow
  6:00pm Mixed Flow
  7:15pm TBA
Tuesday 9:00am Mixed Flow
  12:00pm Gentle Chair
5:30pm Mixed Flow
Wednesday 9:00am Gentle Floor
10:15am Yoga Pilates
  5:30pm Mixed Flow
  6:45pm Strong Flow
Thursday 5:30am Strong Flow
  9:00am Mixed Flow
  12:00pm Gentle Chair
5:30pm Yoga for Recovery
7:00pm Creative Flow
Friday 9:00am Mixed Flow
Saturday 8:30am Mixed Flow

Monthly Session Fees

Pre-registration requires commitment/investment one week prior to session start date.

Please select the option that best fits your schedule. Once registered it is allowed to makeup a missed class by attending another day during the week during that same session.  Payment can be made via cash, check-payable to Peace Tree Yoga or  with credit card/Paypal listed below.

Package Monthly Membership Fee
Individual-1 Class/Wk $45.00
Couples -1 Class/Wk $70.00
Individual – 2 Classes/Wk $75.00
Individual Unlimited $100.00
Couples Unlimited $150.00
Annual Membership Fee
1 Class per week $440.00
2 Classes per week $765.00
Unlimited $1050.00
Private/Hr $65.00