Reiki Level 1 – The Gentle Healing Art


Sunday, February 23, 2020
1:30 am-4:30 pm
at  Peace Tree Yoga Studio
125 E. State St., Burlington, WI 53105

The gentle art of Reiki draws on universal life energy to benefit people of any age and in any state of health. Reiki comforts, nurtures, and supports the good health and balance of your mind, body, and emotions.

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life energy. It is a gentle method of hands-on healing that taps into the energy referred to as ki in Japan, chi in China, and prana in India. Reiki is not a massage, hypnosis or a tool for diagnosing illness. Reiki is a technique that addresses both chronic and acute conditions, gently and powerfully promoting balance among all the body’s systems and the regenerative processes of the body and mind.

Level 1 Reiki training teaches you how to perform Reiki on yourself and others. It is quite easy to learn, and you will be able to immediately incorporate this into your life. Recommended resource: The Reiki Sourcebook, Bronwen and Frans Steine, Rvsd. Ed 2010

Ruth Rorig is the Reiki Master Trainer. She comes to us trained through the lineage of Dr. Mikao Usui. Ruth has been a Reiki practitioner for 12 years.

Cost for Reiki Level 1 Training is $170.
Work book, healthy snacks, tea, water included

Principle-Based Partner Yoga™ Level I Training / Immersion with Elysabeth Williamson, E-RYT500

Experience the gift of Partner Yoga for yourself.  This transformative training opens pathways to greater trust, connection and freedom in every area of your life.  No experience or partner needed.

Designed for Teachers, Yoga practitioners, Couples, Relationship Coaches and anyone with a sincere interest in an in-depth exploration of Partner Yoga.

The Principle-Based Partner Yoga™ Level I Training / Immersion is an opportunity to explore and develop skills that elevate our human potential, both personally and professionally. This visionary art expands the traditional practice of Yoga into the realm of relationship and authentic relating with others. The program is not just for teachers but designed for everyone with a sincere interest in Partner Yoga.

This first of its kind training includes an in-depth curriculum and comprehensive Training Manual. The tools and techniques presented are invaluable skills for anyone (1 year Yoga experience required) seeking to live a more connected, heart-centered life.

Graduates leave the training with greater physical, emotional and spiritual understanding of the power of partner practices to deepen their individual practice. Participants also receive inspiration to access their innate heart wisdom that imbues all relationships with greater authenticity.

21hrs practicum / 4hr followup to receive Certificate of Completion

For those wishing to facilitate the practice with others, all the necessary tools and guidelines are included in the 60 page Training Manual. For further info see FAQ’s or contact

Dates: July 11-14, 2019

Thursday 3 – 6PM or 4 – 7PM
Friday 9AM – Noon – 2PM – 6PM
Saturday 9AM – Noon – 2PM – 6PM
Sunday 9AM – 1PM

Location: Peace Tree Yoga

Instructor: Elysabeth Williamson

Pricing:  Two options available – 4 Day Session and 1 Day Special Teacher offer.

  • 4 Day Session for New participants: $495( Service fee applied)
  • 4 Day session for Returning participants: $395(Service fee applied)
  • 1 day session – Special Teacher Offer – $99.00/day (Service fee applied)

4 Day Session

Level 1 Partner Yoga Training

Teacher Special Offer – One Day Training – $99.00/each. Please select the day you  would like to register for.

Partner Yoga Training-Teacher Special