Welcome to Peace Tree Yoga

What is Yoga? Yoga is an ancient science, developed thousands of years ago. The practice of yoga teaches us to live life more fully.  It is not a religion but a living philosophy, giving us the power to change our lives and find new vision… to find peace in a chaotic world and compassion that will radiate from every aspect of ones self.

You can benefit from yoga practice both mentally and physically. The deep stretching exercises lengthen the muscles and improve flexibility of the spine.  Holding the poses for a length of time increases strength, stamina, and balance.  Yoga also delivers oxygen to the brain and calms the sympathetic nervous system so that we experience peace and a positive attitude towards life.

Listen to your body.  This is called yoga practice not yoga perfect. Stop anytime your body needs to rest.  Let go of any judgment, expectation, or sense of competition you may have.

This practice is meant to bring us JOY. Have fun.

Peace Tree Yoga meets you where you are physically. All levels are welcome!