Mixed Flow

Our Mixed Flow classes offer options for everyone! The Mixed Flow class is a vinyasa style practice that prepares the body with a gentle flowing warm up, works into poses that we hold to build strength, includes a balancing posture, and moves into deeper floor stretches at the end of class. This is our most popular class, that gives you many choices in most postures, versus practicing with a one-size fits all approach. This class is ideal for anyone that is comfortable moving down to the floor, and back up to standing, several times throughout the one hour practice. It is the perfect combination of effort and surrender.

Strong flow

A Vinyasa style yoga, that includes flowing through warm up and strength building sequences, with many options for adding upper body work (half series / chatturanga dandasana). Poses may also be established and held a bit longer than in the Mixed Flow class. Build strength, flexibility, and increase cardiovascular fitness with a Strong Flow practice. This class is designed for students who have some yoga experience, are fairly fit, and are looking for more challenge, inner awareness, stamina, embodiment and strength building.

Gentle Floor

This gentle class is mostly floor based, and aims to meet you where you are, in your practice and body. The slow pace is intuitive and responsive to you, meaning that there is an improvisational element to our exploration of embodiment through posture. This class offers a gentle warm-up, stretching, and some restorative work to help you move mindfully and easefully into and out of posture.

Gentle Chair

A more soft and yielding practice that enables every BODY to enjoy and experience the joys of yoga. Gently open aching joints, release tension, increase muscular strength, improve balance and overall wellness. Perfect for seniors, those dealing with physical limitations, recovering from illness or people simply seeking to increase physical activity. This class begins in the chair, moves to standing (may use chair or wall for support), and then proceeds back into seated in the chair, eliminating the need to transition up and down to the floor.

Yoga Pilates

Yoga Pilates is a way to stretch and strengthen your entire body. With a strong focus on the muscles of the core. You will build strength from your center which is incredibly stabilizing, using mat pilates and yoga, combined. Joseph Pilates developed this exercise methodology in the early 1900s, and it borrows from disciplines such as yoga, classic core calisthenics, and dance.